Our Process


REMOVAL : Existing fence is removed and hauled away. We recycle ALL old materials. We will do enough trimming of scrubs, bushes and trees to be able to install your new fence. Additional charges may be incurred if there is an enormous amount of tree and or scrub removal. We also do yard clean ups. At this point we will re-measure your fence line to get an accurate measurement of your project.

INSTALLATION : We now hand dig your fence post holes. We never use power augers as they are very dangerous. Hand digging with our own specially designed hand tools are much more efficient and does not disturb the ground. We set all our Post Master Steel Fence Post for wood fences 24″ in the ground and use 60 pounds of concrete or more depending on the style of fence. We let post set up over night so the concrete cures properly.

We then install 3 Premium Redwood 2×4 Rails (1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) on the Post Master Steel Fence Post with 1 5/8 #8 Rust O Leum Screws that are Guaranteed never to rust or break.

We then install 1×6 Premium Redwood Dog Ear Fence Boards (5/8″ x 5 1/2″) with 1 5/8″ Gold Exterior Screws.

PS Post Masters are designed to with stand a constant 70 mile per hour wind and come with a 15 year warranty against a 5% bend.

OPTIONAL PASSAGE GATE : 36″ or 42″ Standard Openings. Gates are 1 1/2″ Steel frame 50″ tall using welded corners and a middle rail. We attach fence boards with the same screws that we attach rails to Post Masters. All gates use heavy duty black decorative hinges and a heavy duty lockable double sided access latch with black decorative handles on both sides. Gates come with an arch and a security lockable dead bolt on the inside. Gates come with a Life Time Adjustment Warranty. If at anytime the gate doesn’t open close easily we will come out and fix it.


  • Single or Double Heavy Duty RV Gates built on 3″ or 4″ 1/4″ thick steel post in stalled 30″ in the ground with a minimum of 1000 pounds of concrete on each post.
  • 2×6 Redwood Kick Board
  • 2×8 Redwood Kick Board
  • 2×12 Redwood Kick Board
  • Con Heart Material
  • Square Top Boards
  • 1 x 8 Premium Boards (5/8″ x 7 1/4″)
  • Security Cut Top
  • Board on Board
  • Privacy Lap
  • 2×6 Redwood Cap Board
  • Traditional Lattice Top
  • Piano Key Lattice Top
  • PenOfin Redwood Sealer
  • (comes with additional warranty of 5 years per side)
  • Retaining Walls


  • Arbors ARBORS
  • Trellis
  • Decks
  • Free standing garages, game rooms & guest rooms